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Via Altura, 11/bis
40139 Bologna – Italy
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Tel. +39 051 453103
Fax. +39 051 6278796

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Tel. +39 051 453103
Fax. +39 051 6278796
Paolo Mazza - CEO

They say: intuitive, impulsive, elusive …
Also interesting to: collection watches, gastronomy, economics
Never goes out without: good intentions … (but on the way…)
Favorite quote: “Stay away from negative people: they have always a problem for every solution.»

Angelo Carignano - Hotel Manager

They say: curious, unselfish, original
Also interesting to: design gardening, high-tech, creative DIY
Never goes out without: one of his 78 caps… (the reason you can imagine!)
Favorite quote: «Creativity is intelligence having fun.»
A. Einstein

Maria Guzzo - Congress Manager

They say: glowing, positive, reliable
Also interesting to: sustainable lifestyle, adventure, ecology
Never goes out without: check weather forecast
Favorite quote: «A day without a smile is a day wasted.»
Charlie Chaplin

Martina Biavati - Meeting & Events Executive

They say: Bolognese, moody, maniac of order…
Also interesting to: books with absurd titles, compulsive shopping, Japanese language and culture
Never goes out without: a 15/20 kg bag, a snack and the wallet… strictly empty!
Favorite quote: «…there was also a reason, but I don’t remember it. They never remember why…»
Alessandro Baricco

Simone Gentile - Front Office Manager

They say: ironic, careful, creative
Also interesting to: design, motorcycles, graphic novels
Never goes out without: thousands of new projects in mind…
Favorite quote: «I’m not bad, they draw me like that.»
“Who framed Roger Rabbit?”

Francesca Di Siero - Receptionist

They say: Lively, sweet but stubborn…
Also interesting to: shopping, gym and… desserts!
Never goes out without: change at least 3 times…
Favourite quote: «There is only one type of success: that of doing what you want with your life.»
Henry David Thoreau

Giovanni Celli - Night Auditor

They say: helpful, generous, tenebrous
Also interesting to: Asian tattoos, Federico Fellini, Korean cinema
Never goes out without: “his brand new iPhone”
Favorite quote: «I have not heard from me for so long.»

Caterina Malvasi - Receptionist

They say: cheerful, fussy, vain
Also interesting to: reading manga, stuffed animals, ego trips
Never goes out without: without something colorful… (earrings, sunglasses, watches …)
Favorite quote: «With the right enthusiasm, each aim is reachable.»

Luca Rizzioli - Receptionist - Night Auditor

They say: talkative, outgoing, modest
Also interesting to: bikers life, boogie woogie, archery
Never goes out without: greeting at least 3 times…
Favorite quote: «If you can not get out of the tunnel, decorate it!»

Donato Lanzisera - Responsabile Breakfast

They say: spontaneous, creative, naif…
Also interesting to: music, volunteering …
Never goes out without: 3 drops of his favorite perfume …
Favorite quote: «Never stop smiling because you never know who might fall in love with you.»

Erika De La Cruz - Breakfast attendant

They say: shy, quiet, tidy…
Also interesting to: travel and explore the world, Korean drama and online shopping…
Never goes out without: an elastic for hair…
Favourite quote: «There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.»
Acts 20:35

Charlyne Thomas - Breakfast attendant

They say: sweet, nice and lively…
Also interesting to: video games, Korean dramas and TV series
Never goes out without: smartphone
Favourite quote: «Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.»

Jerry Inga - Chef de Rang

They say: reserved, meticulous and optimistic…
Also interesting to: breathtaking landscapes…
Never goes out without: sun glasses
Favourite quote: «The bravest decision you can make every day is to be in a good mood.»

Paolo Merighi - Barman

They say: reliable, prepared, too meticulous…
Also interesting to: english history and literature, basketball and football
Never goes out without: think about the less fortunate
Favourite quote: «Remember that we are many, you are not alone.»
Paolo Merighi

Giuseppe Tarantino - Executive Chef

They say: ambitious, concrete, creative…
Also interesting to: design, innovation, volleyball (one of his first passions)
Never goes out without: give a kiss to his children.
Favourite quote: «He who eats badly fasts a lot.»

Lamiita Tudorache - Pastry Chef

They say: shy, hardworking, meticulous…
Also interesting to: licterature…
Never goes out without: say goodbye
Favourite quote: «Knowing is not enough: we have to put into practice what we know. Not even wanting is enough: we must do.»
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Antonio Frascella - Chef de Partie

They say: witty, engaging, precise…
Also interesting to: photography, football and new recipes!
Never goes out without: smiling
Favourite quote: «Cooking is not eating. It is much, much more. Cooking is poetry.»
Heinz Beck

Antimo Ferrari - Chef de Partie

They say: witty, smart, affectionate…
Also interesting to: walks along the seafront, books with less than 200 pages, new technologies…
Never goes out without: checking to have closed the door… three times!
Favourite quote: «When my body is ashes, my name will be legend.»
Jim Morrison

Paolo Merighi - Governante

They say: proud, control freak, available …
Also interesting to: bags, high fashion and online shopping
Never goes out without: having planned the day
Favorite quote: “There are no perfect things, only perfect intentions.”