Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi

Where we are

Via Altura, 11/bis
40139 Bologna – Italy
Tel. +39 051 453103
Fax. +39 051 6278796

Front Office & Reservations

Tel. +39 051 453103
Fax. +39 051 6278796

Sales & Marketing Dept.

Tel. +39 051 0562652
Fax. +39 051 6278796


Tel. +39 051 453103
Fax. +39 051 6278796
Paolo Mazza - CEO

They say: intuitive, impulsive, elusive …
Also interesting to: collection watches, gastronomy, economics
Never goes out without: good intentions … (but on the way…)
Favorite quote: “Stay away from negative people: they have always a problem for every solution” – Anonymous

Michela Conti - Deputy Director

They say: anxious, observer, on time…
Also interesting to: synchronized swimming, Russian dolls, ancient languages
Never goes out without: run…
Favorite quote:  “Nulla dies sine linea” – Plinio the Elder

Maria Guzzo - Congress Manager

They say: glowing, positive, reliable
Also interesting to: sustainable lifestyle, adventure, ecology
Never goes out without: check weather forecast
Favorite quote: “a day without a smile is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin

Angelo Carignano - Marketing Manager

They say: curious, unselfish, original
Also interesting to: design gardening, high-tech, creative DIY
Never goes out without: one of his 78 caps … (the reason you can imagine!)
Favorite quote: “creativity is intelligence having fun” – A. Einstein

Martina Biavati - Receptionist

They say: bolognese, lunatic, ordering addicted
Also interesting to: books with ridiculous titles, compulsive shopping, asian cultures
Never goes out without: a bag of 15/20 kg, a snack, her wallet … strictly empty
Favorite quote: “There was also a reason, but I do not remember” – A. Baricco

Luca Rizzioli - Receptionist - Night Auditor

They say: talkative, outgoing, modest
Also interesting to: bikers life, boogie woogie, archery
Never goes out without: greeting at least 3 times…
Favorite quote: “If you can not get out of the tunnel, decorate it!” – Anonymous

Giovanni Celli - Night Auditor

They say: helpful, generous, tenebrous
Also interesting to: Asian tattoos, Federico Fellini, Korean cinema
Never goes out without: “his brand new iPhone”
Favorite quote: “I have not heard from me for so long” – Anonymous

Caterina Malvasi - Receptionist

They say: cheerful, fussy, vain
Also interesting to: reading manga, stuffed animals, ego trips
Never goes out without: without something colorful… (earrings, sunglasses, watches …)
Favorite quote: “with the right enthusiasm, each aim is reachable” – Anonymous