The watchword is always hospitality:
that’s why we keep your smile and ours safe, even behind a mask!

We continuously follow the development of the coronavirus situation and you can too by clicking here. We are ready to undertake
further actions, in addition to those indicated by the Government and the Ministry of Health in agreement with the Regions.

We have carefully reorganized our services to continue to offer a safe experience,
peaceful and relaxing also in compliance with the new regulations:









All of our staff is constantly trained about the new provisions, and is always provided with personal protective equipment and subjected to temperature control


Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces several times a day, with certified products and in the ways indicated by the manufacturer to ensure maximum hygiene according to the type of material with which the surfaces to be sanitized are made; with particular attention to objects that are touched most often such as elevator buttons, handrails, switches, door handles


The rooms and suites are sanitized at each departure with a hydrogen peroxide nebulization system, even the keys are sanitized at each customer change


Sanitation of air filters and cleaning of air conditioning machines according to current legislation required for COVID-19, frequent ventilation of common areas and bedrooms


Availability of sanitizing gel dispensers at the entrance / exit of the hotel, in the common areas, at the entrance to the toilets, elevators, restaurants and breakfast rooms


Guests must always wear masks. In common areas it is mandatory to respect the minimum distance of 1 meter, unless they are members of the same family; the use of the elevator by one family unit at a time is allowed


Buffet breakfast served through the new “buffet display” with showcase,
served by one of our operators


Tables in the breakfast rooms and restaurants located at a minimum distance of 2 meters;
with digitized menus, to be able to order directly from your smartphone


Gym: available by reservation only, and sanitized before every use by our staff












For more information on operations, cancellation methods and the new, flexible, cancellation policies
we invite you to contact us at or +39 051 453 103.


Last updated: October 20, 2020